New Measures Taken in the New Normal @ Cosmo Hotel

Cosmo Hotel is one of the best Hong Kong hotels with hygiene measures, committed to minimize the impact the pandemic might bring during your stay with us. 

With our #DorsettCares Promise, a series of anti-epidemic measures are in place to ensure your stay will be a safe, and a healthy one. 

Being one of the best Hong Kong hotels with hygiene measures, we have been referencing hospital hygiene guidelines to develop our safety and hygiene protocols. We partner with a trusted company like Ecolab, a global leader in infection prevention solutions and expertise, and use their Ecolab’s Disinfectant Cleaner 2.0*, registered to comprehensively clean and disinfect high touch areas in public areas, as well as all guest rooms and the air-conditioning system.  

*Ecolab’s Disinfectant Cleaner 2.0 is a germicidal /virucide detergent effective in killing 30 pathogens. This product is registered by the US Environmental Protection Agency as reliable and safe.


How Safe it is to Stay with Us? 

Air-conditioning System

We use fan coil unit system, which places a fan and the coil directly in the guest room. Each room has its own independent pipe, which connects to the main fan on the roof, drawing fresh air from the outside to each room.

Drainage and Ventilation

Hotel sewage pipe system is discharged through an independent drainage pipe and vent system.  Each room has an independent pipe supplying fresh air, preventing negative pressure on the airflow and the U-shaped traps from drying out.

Air Purifier in Every Guest Room & on Every Guest Floor

Inno3C HEPA cum UV-C Air Purifiers are equipped in every guestoom and on every guest floor to enhance indoor air circulation and air quality. The device's HEPA and Active Carbon Filters are 99.985% efficient at filtering germs, viruses (0.3 um above), PM2.5 and other allergensm, while the Ultraviolet-C sanitisation efficiently disinfects the air and kills germs. There also is a PM2.5 air detection index to automatically strengthen wind purification intensity to ensure the best air quality 24/7.

Daily Professional Cleaning & Sanitizing

We make sure every guest room is cleaned and sanitized with Ecolab’s Disinfectant Cleaner 2.0 and use Ecolab disinfectant sprayer to sterilize every checked out room prior to every new guest’s arrival. 

Extra Convenience

We have also launched a new foodpanda menu featuring a list of the city’s best restaurants to enhance our guests’ in-room dining experience. 

Social Distancing & Facemask

Our guests are strongly advised to maintain a distance of 1.5metre with one another in the hotel. According to the Prevention & Control of Disease Ordinance (Cap 599) it is mandatory for everyone to wear a mask not only on public transport but at all indoor public places.

Hygiene in Public Areas

We increase the cleaning and disinfection frequency of public areas and facilities to once every hour and install multiple disinfectant and anti-epidemic sprayers within hotel areas.