Travel to Wuhan: Wuhan, known as the 'Three Towns of Wuhan' with Hankou and Hanyang on the west bank, and Wuchang on the east, is the sprawling capital of Central China’s Hubei province.  The city is a commercial center divided by the Yangtze and Han rivers; and contains many lakes and parks, including expansive, picturesque East Lake, the largest lake in Wuhan. Nearby, the Hubei Provincial Museum displays relics from the Warring States period, including the Marquis Yi of Zeng’s coffin and bronze musical bells from his 5th-century B.C. tomb.  With dozens of railways, roads and expressways passing through, the city is a major transportation hub and is one of the most ancient and civilized metropolitan cities in China with a 3500 year-long history.  Some of the must visit places in Wuhan includes the Yellow Crane Tower which is one of the four great towers in China, Heptachord Terrace, Yangtze River Bridge, Madame Tussauds, Guiyuan Buddhist Temple, Wuhan Happy Valley, National Stone Museum and the Huangpi Mulan Culture Ecological Tourism Area.